I am Zsuzsa Ferenczi artist, bron on august 1st 1960 Budapest. I studied art since 1978 at het Art College in Budapest. I’m trying to sell my work in The Netherlands to. I have exposed my work at many exposition (see the information page about expositions). I hope there will be an exposition in The Netherlands to early 2014.

I manufactor mainly French gobelins. I use thereby a technic conform an old Koptic tradition.

Gobelins are originaly made in the Manufacture des Gobelins in Parijs. It was founded in the old Hõtel Gobelin. A gobelin is  handwoven tapestry in which the horizontal thread isn’t going the all way to the end but covers only the parts needed for the design. Each part covers in one stroke the equally lines and on the way back the odd lines. The gobelins are made from on paper painted drawings. It is a very precisely and complex methode, which takes months for each square centimetre. My larges works measures 200 x 300 cm.

I’m a member off:  National Society off Hongarin Artists , Olive Branch Arts Society, Vigyázó Ferenc Cultural Society, Hongarian Society off  Tapestry Artists and  Founder off Cseszneki Artists.

Peter den Hollander is my agent in the Netherlands. He established the gallery Magyar Kiállítas for Hungarian artists. At this moment he offers my art and that of other hungarian artists online, but he hopes in the course of 2014 to find a place where he can shown standing work and that of my colleagues. If you are interested in my work and want to see it, contact Peter den Hollander, through its site www.peterdenhollander.nl.